February 16, 2023

Why you need a debit card

By Romeltea | Published: February 16, 2023

Why you need a debit card

If you want to teach your child how to manage money properly, you need a modern functional children's debit card.

What is a children's debit card?

The WestStein children's virtual card has many advantages. Therefore, modern parents are increasingly refusing to use cash, preferring more secure forms.

So, debit cards for children are as safe and secure as possible. Therefore, you can not be afraid that your child's funds will fall into the hands of scammers or be lost.

Also, a virtual children's card provides parents with access to manage the child's finances. Indeed, in real time it is possible to view the entire history of payments made.

This can be done through the client portal or functional application. In this way, parents can monitor transactions and, if necessary, prevent suspicious transactions.

This is the perfect tool to control your own finances and your child's finances.

The Kids Virtual Card can be topped up in minutes, so you can always be sure that your child has enough money for travel or lunch.

How to open a children's card

Every child should have a WestStein prepaid virtual card. It is very easy to open it. To get started, you need to create your online account. You can do it online in a few minutes. After registering, you will receive an account that you can literally use right away.

After that, you can open three additional cards for your children. The virtual Mastercard will not allow you to spend more than the amount you transferred. Thanks to this, it is possible to avoid rash purchases and overspending. When using cash, it is impossible to achieve such a high level of comfort.

The additional card will not be linked to your main account. Therefore, your finances will be completely safe. This is another reason to order a Mastercard prepaid card.

The child is guaranteed not to lose such a card, which provides additional protection. But even if access to the card has been lost, it is possible to block it through the mobile application or the client portal. Therefore, your money will not be lost.

Therefore, we strongly recommend opening an online checking account in order to be able to create additional cards for family members.

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