May 10, 2023

How to test your English correctly?

By Romeltea | Published: May 10, 2023

How to test your English correctly?

How to test your English correctly?

Sometimes, it seems to us that we speak the language at a sufficiently high level. We can watch videos on TED or formulate interesting sentences in front of the mirror. 

However, in reality, it may turn out that the level of knowledge is lower, so for the objectivity of the assessment, it is necessary to pass a test to determine the level of English proficiency. You can do this on various resources, such as

What are the levels of English proficiency?

There are several systems for classifying levels of knowledge of the English language. The most common is the CEFR scale, consisting of 6 levels. Each describes specific skills and expertise in using the English language: from using simple expressions and phrases to communicating fluently, leading complex discussions, and understanding slurred speech (for example, at the train station). So, according to this classification system, you can speak English at one of the following levels:

  • A1 — Beginner

  • A2 — Elementary

  • B1 — Intermediate

  • B2 — Upper-Intermediate

  • C1 — Advanced

  • C2 — Proficient

Take the test at to get a score in reading, writing, speaking, and listening and detailed guidance on how to improve each area of your knowledge.

Why do you need to know your level of English?

Knowing your level of English will help you better assess your capabilities and limitations and focus on improving your skills. Therefore, you can choose the appropriate English language course corresponding to your level. You will also be able to monitor your progress gradually, set realistic goals, and achieve them more motivated.

However, the level of English is one of the key criteria in assessing your skills and competence in a specific profession. If you know your level, you can easily understand the requirements of employers and prepare for professional challenges.

How to correctly determine your level of knowledge?

The easiest way of assessment is self-testing online. However, this way, you will only get approximate information because the actual level of language proficiency may vary depending on how much you practice.

Much better to take an independent assessment in conditions where you do not have the opportunity to look at the rules, use Internet resources, or distract yourself from taking the test. The results of such testing are objective and informative.

Which tests show your actual level of language proficiency?

The most accurate assessment is provided by official tests: IELTS, TOEFL, and Cambridge English Exam. They help to assess all the basic skills and get an objective evaluation. You also get a certificate after passing such tests, and you can use it when you get a visa or apply for a job.

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