December 21, 2022

Indonesia Trademark Registration Process and What You Should Know about It

By Romeltea | Published: December 21, 2022

Indonesia Trademark Registration Process and What You Should Know about It

Knowing the process of trademark Indonesia registration can be a great help for those who want to register their business asset. 

You may not have to deal with the process on your own, but if you understand the entire process, you will understand (and somewhat appreciate) everything. You won’t be wondering about the length of the process or why it takes so long to get your application approved (or rejected).

Indonesia Trademark Registration: The Initial Step

In case you don’t know it, trademark is a term referring to something that separates an organization, legal entity, or even a person distinctly. It’s the words, graphics, designs, colors, or symbols that make the difference. 

They differentiate one entity from the others. That’s why the trademark is also considered one of the most important business assets that should be preserved and protected.

The trademark and its registration (in Indonesia) are regulated by Trademark Act (Law No.15 of 2001) under the DGIP (Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights). 

However, the (Indonesian) government just amended the existing Trademark Act. They passed the New Trademark and Geographical Indication Law in 2016. It is Law No.20 of 2016.

According to this new law, protection would be provided to broader and wider trademark types. It will also streamline the process, so trademark owners won’t have to deal with complication when they want to apply for the registration.

According to the New Trademark Law, the workflow will go as follow:
  • There would be a formality check that lasts for around 15 (working) days
  • The application must be made in a writing text, and it should be applied in Indonesian language
  • The applicant needs to have a complete name, nationality, and also address
  • There should be explanation and description of the trademark’s colors and designs
  • There should be payment (of fees) made to the DGIP
  • Applicants must meet at least the minimum requirements to get the filing date

Trademark Functions

Trademark registration in Indonesia is crucial. It protects the owners and their rights. It also helps because the owners can file a legal action whenever there is an unauthorized usage of the trademark. When the applicant submits the application and waits within the appointed timeline, the GDIP will approve (or reject) the application. 

When they do approve it, they will put the trademark within the (Indonesia) trademark database. That’s when your trademark becomes an IP (Intellectual Property) whose protection and rights are fully protected and covered.

Other Considerations

If you are in a rush, don’t register for a trademark because the process itself can take 12 months, at least, and it can go up to 24 months. 

Once your trademark has been approved, it will last for around 10 years. If you want to keep it longer than a decade, then you should renew it. Don’t wait up until your trademark ‘expires’. Renew it six months before the validity goes away.

Final Words

If you are clueless about the process, seek for legal advice. Find someone who can help you with the insight, knowledge, and also process, if any. The process of Indonesia trademark registration can be difficult if you aren’t familiar with it.*

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